March 4, 2015

It Happened on March 4th

Casimir Pulaski at Częstochowa
March Forth - Do Something Day
March Fourth is March Forth Day -- makes sense to me. The goal of March Forth Day is to determine your goals and progress consistently toward them. Think of it as a second set of New Year's Resolutions -- only without the drama. 

National Grammar Day
I'm sure we could all stand to pay a little more attention to our grammar, at least once a year. The holiday was invented by Martha Brockenbrough, who is also responsible for creating the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. 

Washington's 2nd Inauguration was held March 4, 1793 in Philadelphia.
(Former) Presidential Inauguration Day
We take it for granted that Inauguration Day always falls in January, but that was not the case until 1933, when the Twentieth Amendment fixed the date. George Washington was inaugurated on April 30th for his first term, and March 4th for his second. Since then, Presidential Inaugurations were held on March 4th (or 5th,when the 4th fell on a Sunday), except when a predecessor had died in office.
Well, the weather would have been better, that's for sure. 

Casimir Pulaski's Birthday, 1747
Casimir Pulaski was a young Polish nobleman who had been active in the Polish struggle for independence from Russian and Prussian interference. He was convicted (it is now thought unjustly) of attempted regicide and sentenced to death, when he escaped to France and met Benjamin Franklin. 

Pulaski came to America where he joined in the colonies' struggle for freedom, and was given charge of a special infantry and cavalry unit, often financed with his own funds. He is, in fact, known as the "Father of American cavalry." Pulaski is one of only seven individuals who have been awarded Honorary United States' Citizenship.

First Inductees to the Television Academy Hall of Fame, 1984
The stated purpose of the award is to honor "persons who have made outstanding contributions in the arts, sciences or management of television, based upon either cumulative contributions and achievements or a singular contribution or achievement." In its early days, an induction ceremony took place annually. Recently, it has been more irregular, but approximately every two years. The first ceremony was held in 1984. The first inductees were: Lucille Ball, comic-actor Milton Berle, screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky (Marty, Philco Television Playhouse), writer-producer Norman Lear (All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Maude), broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow, broadcast executive William S. Paley (CBS), and NBC founder David Sarnoff.

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