February 16, 2015

February 16, 1852: The Studebaker Brothers Go into Business

The Five Studebaker Brothers. Left to right, standing: Peter and Jacob. Sitting: Clem, Henry, and John.

I know that when I think of "Studebaker", I think of cars. The Studebakers actually got their start long before the horseless carriage ever appeared on the scene.

Henry and Clem were blacksmiths who specialized in making metal parts for wagons, and then went on to build the entire wagon. When Gold Rush fever hit the country in 1849, they were in exactly the right place to cash in on it. In fact, for awhile half the wagons used by settlers to move West were made by the Studebakers. They also got a lot of contracts from the US Army.

From stylish carriages to sturdy vehicles for the long haul, Studebaker had it all covered. It really came as no surprise when they developed an automobile in 1897. The Age of the Automobile had arrived.

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